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Living where others spend their holidays

Large housing supply
Apartments of various sizes and all kinds of layouts are available in Kirchmöser. They are all characterized by their location close to the waterfront as well as a high recreational value and leisure facilities in close proximity. 

Some apartments even have a garden with direct access to the water.
Lovely and affordable housing space is available for families, couples or singles in the historic railroader settlements renovated according to monumental protection requirements or the harmoniously integrated new buildings.

Modern standard
All buildings in Kirchmöser that have already been renovated now have a level of comfort which meets the high demands of our time. Further renovation projects are planned for the future. In addition, also future-oriented concepts are to be implemented in Kirchmöser, for example modern, environment-friendly water buildings.

Baugenossenschaft Kirchmöser e.G.
A total of 555 apartments are owned and managed by the Baugenossenschaft Kirchmöser. The housing cooperative is the contact point for prospective tenants.

AWO Sozial-Service gemeinnützige GmbH

Children's daycare center, rooming house for children and young people, elderly care, supervised seniors' center