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Sophisticated from classical music to arts and movies

Concerts and festivals
Brandenburg an der Havel shows its musical side on many occasions. Special highlights are the church music concerts in the famous churches of the city. 

Additionally, Brandenburg an der Havel has its own symphonic orchestra which tours around the world.

Lovers of open air spectacles and festivals can celebrate throughout the year in Brandenburg an der Havel with its many festivities. Among the highlights is the annual Havel festival in the summer. Also the medieval Rolandspectaculum and the annual jazz festival "Swinging Brandenburg" are among the attractions of the Havel city.

Museums and exhibitions
Art lovers can choose between various museums in the city. A highlight is the Archäologische Landesmuseum which is known beyond the city boundaries of Brandenburg an der Havel and is located in the historic Pauli monastery. The Industriemuseum in the northwest of the city has impressive exhibits from the early years of industrial development of the past city of Brandenburg/Havel.

Cinema and theater
Several theaters and a total of three cinemas in the city of Brandenburg an der Havel offer a diversified evening program. From classical to boulevard and action to romantic - everything the audience likes will be performed.

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