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New concepts for motivation and performance enhancement

Combination of working and living
Working and living environments have always been closely linked in Kirchmöser. This also corresponds to the modern approaches of social research and city planning. Therefore, the modern settlement concepts in Kirchmöser have been keeping up with this tradition.

                     „If more companies move to the still available industrial areas
                   in Kirchmöser, attractive apartments in close proximity to the
                 places of work will survive and be developed.
               They are all characterized by a good infrastructure on the green
             and child-friendly peninsula which is surrounded by lakes.“
         Doris Seeber, Managing Director, BGK Baugenossenschaft Kirchmöser e.G.

Advantages for people and companies
The natural environment and the high percentage of green areas within Kirchmöser create optimal conditions for a symbiosis of work, recreation and life in the same place. The long-term advantages are, besides short trips to work, the better and healthier sense of life and the higher productivity on the job.

BPG Bauüberwachung- und Projektierungsgesellschaft mbH

Construction supervision of transport projects and project management