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Traditionally important site again growing

Foundation over 600 years ago
The village of Möser was first mentioned in a document in 1387. Until the middle of the 19th century it remained a tranquil settlement. Still in 1842, only 232 people were living here in 37 buildings.

Geschichte des Wirtschaftsstandortes Kirchmöser in Brandenburg an der Havel

Industrial advancement
At the beginning of the 20th century, the location started to become an important industrial area. In 1914, the Königlich-Preußische Pulverfabrik with 400 factory buildings and an additional 172 apartments was founded here. Only one year later, 6000 people worked at the factory. In the neighborhood mansions for officers and civil servants were built. In 1916, the 65-m-high water tower and the Kirchmöser train station were taken into operation.

Beginning of the railway tradition

With the construction of the locomotive maintenance plant including switch workshop, chemical experiments division and other workshops in the 1920s, the history of Kirchmöser as a location for the rail industry began. After war destruction and dismounting, industrial companies settled here again. In 1965, the Werk für Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg-Kirchmöser carried out comprehensive repair works for all railway construction machines of the German State Railways. Back then, Kirchmöser had 6200 inhabitants. After 1989, the industrial location fell into a temporary deep sleep.

Rebirth of the location
In 2003, the city of Brandenburg an der Havel acquired approx. 600 ha from the Deutsche Bundesbahn property in Kirchmöser. In order to revitalize and develop the valuable commercial and residential areas, the city of Brandenburg an der Havel founded the Projekt-Entwicklung-Kirchmöser GmbH (PEK).

On behalf of the PEK, the properties were checked for dangerous waste and were renovated, if necessary, or were cleared from this suspicion. Construction rights were secured and the sites were provided with water and sewage connections and other infrastructure as well as roads.

Current development

With the settlement of high-performing industrial companies, mostly from the area of railway technology, Kirchmöser is still expanding its position as one of the most important centers of railway expertise in the capital region. More than ever, the industry is paying attention to the innovative technologies developed in Kirchmöser. Industry leaders such as Deutsche Bahn have branch offices here and take advantage of the dynamics of the growing economic environment.

Heizungs- und Lüftungsbau

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