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The city of Brandenburg an der Havel

Kirchmöser is a district of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel and is situated only a few kilometers away from the busy city center.

Older than Berlin
The city of Brandenburg an der Havel was founded long before Berlin and even gave the Federal State of Brandenburg its name. Over the centuries, it expanded to several large islands in the surrounding lakescape. Currently, the city has a total of 51 bridges.

Main attraction in the region
Today, Brandenburg an der Havel with its approx. 71,500 inhabitants is the prosperous heart of the region. Shops of all popular brands and many restaurants are situated in the shopping promenades which boast carefully renovated historic buildings.

Additionally, Brandenburg an der Havel has more than 500 heritage buildings, the Archäologische Landesmuseum and a sophisticated cultural life which is known far beyond the boundaries of the city.

Havel city
Its location at the waterfront is a characteristic element of Brandenburg an der Havel. Extensive river banks with hiking trails and bike lanes border the urban area. There are numerous beaches, and all kinds of water sports can be practiced there.

By now, new living concepts have been implemented for many historic industrial and warehouse buildings. They combine a historic atmosphere with modern comfort and the attractive location directly at the water.


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