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Education and promotion of young talents

Qualification as a locational advantage
High-quality production, development and services require qualified expert staff. Several institutions for education and further education, especially in the field of railway transportation technology, have established in Kirchmöser. 

Education for use in practice
A practice-oriented education initiative of Havelländische Eisenbahn (HVLE) and Spezialmaschinenbau und Ausbildungs GmbH (SPEMA) provides a future-oriented locomotive engineer training even today. The theoretical and technical locomotive engineer training is based on the technical part of the training in a training workshop completed beforehand.

» Website of HVLE
» Website of SPEMA Spezialmaschinenbau u. Ausbildungs GmbH - Brandenburg

From trainee to bachelor
The new training and university courses are specifically designed for railroaders working in rail operations and will start in the near future in cooperation with the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences in Kirchmöser. Modules with different training contents allow for an individual focus within specific training schemes and university courses. Thus, trainees and students can further qualify according to their abilities and the current requirements of industry and economics.

» Website of the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences


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