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Partner for networking and cooperation

Kompetenznetz Rail Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
The Kompetenznetz Rail Berlin-Brandenburg (KNRBB) supports the development and promotion of modern and economically viable technologies in Kirchmöser. 

Kompetenznetz Rail Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
contact: Mr. Ralf Meinsen
phone: +49 3381 80 40 24 10
fax:       +49 3381 80 40 24 19

As a partner of the companies, the KNRBB considers itself also as a contact point and lobby in the regional politics and economy.

Synergies and contacts
By managing the network the KNRBB promotes the cooperation between companies as well as the collaboration with research and politics. Individual project ideas receive valuable impulses by initiating and realizing relevant contacts in Kirchmöser and beyond.

Profitable knowledge transfer
Location marketing is supported by the KNRBB through continuous counseling and other activities. Furthermore, the KNRBB initiates the placement of skilled personnel as well as training and further training measures. Newly established companies benefit from this much the same as existing companies in Kirchmöser. 

GBM Gleisbaumechanik Brandenburg/H. GmbH

Production and maintenance of railway vehicles, modernization and upgrading of roads, subways and suburban trains, manufacturing of components