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Industrial and commercial real estates in Kirchmöser

Secured as industrial and commercial area
Companies can take advantage of the full freedom of an industrial area - from working hours twenty-four-seven to minimal provisions for development. 


In case of historic buildings, aspects of monumental protection must be observed. For the major part of the area the construction right according to Section 34 BauGB for industrial usage has been secured. This means that building permissions are possible without prior land-use plans.

Flexible area layouts
Kirchmöser provides investors with sites which are customized to meet the objective of their enterprise. In total, Kirchmöser consists of a continuous industrial and commercial area of approx. 160 ha. Within this area there are still sites of various sizes and layouts available. In addition, it is possible to combine individual properties or separate larger sites.

Fully developed
The available sites in the Kirchmöser industrial and commercial area are all connected to the water and sewage systems and other utility media. The utility connection payments, also for road construction which already took place, have been settled with the respective utility providers.

No more dangerous waste
All sites were checked for dangerous waste due to their previous industrial usage. Based on these evaluations the sites were either entirely renovated or they were cleared from this suspicion.

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